Chicago Fellows Teaching Opportunity for new grads

Hi All,

Please see link for Chicago Teaching Fellows, an opportunity for some of you who are going to be graduating soon. Also an opportunity for those of you who are thinking of going into teaching. Please click on link and see what’s what, come to me with questions after you check it out.


I know many will be looking for jobs soon, and I thought some may be interested in teaching. Chicago Teaching Fellows <>is a highly selective program that trains talented recent college grads from various backgrounds and turn them into effective teachers through rigorous training and intensive coaching.

I’d love to see some of your students at Roosevelt University apply and help bring change to our schools- Chicago has an especially critical need for teachers in the areas of math, science, Special Education and Bilingual Education. I’ve provided some information below – could you possibly distribute it? Our next deadline is February 24^th .

Elizabeth Day, MPH, BS


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